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We offer two flu jab training courses; a full face-to-face workshop, and, an online refresher course. 

Both courses are up to date and meet the guidelines of Public Health England National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for vaccination training. More informaiton about the standards can be found here

Whilst our course is not accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, it exceeds all of the RPS, GPHC, and PSNC standards for pharmacist training. We chose not to have our course accredited by the RPS because this is not an NHS requirement and the cost of RPS accreditation would result in an increase in cost of the course unnecessarily.

This page provides more information about what is covered in both the face-to-face workshop training and the online refresher training courses. Please scroll down to view the information. 

Face-to-Face Workshop Training

The face-to-face workshop training is divided in to 3 simple steps:

 Step 1: Complete the online learning 

Step 2: Attend a face-face-to-face practical training workshop (usually 1 hour) 

Step 3: Complete an online assessment Receive your certificate of completion

Online Refresher Course

If you have already attended a face-to-face workshop in the last 3 years, then you can use our online refresher course to update your knowledge for this years NHS flu jab service. 

You will have access to ALL of the online learning materials, and you will also receive a CPD certificate of course completion!

The online refresher course includes all of the learning materials from the full workshop, so you will receive comprehensive training on all aspects of the flu jab service. There is also a short online assessment which leads to a certificate of completion for you to use for your CPD records. 

Why pharmacists choose our course?

Our course is the only course that is designed and delivered by practicing clinical pharmacists with experience of delivering vaccination services in community pharmacy, GP practice and hospitals.
Whilst being comprehensive it is designed in a manner which offers the conveneince of online learning together with a practical workshop session to help improve injection administration skills and CPR. 

Our course caters for community pharmacists, GP practice pharmacists, hospital pharmacists. Other healthcare professionals including nurses and GP practice support staff are also welcome to attend

Online Learning

We provide comprehensive online content which can be viewed before and after the workshop to aid learning. This provides a great reference source for use after the workshop

Practical Injection Training

At the workshop we focus on the practical injection techniques.  You will learn how to administer: intramuscular / subcutaneous / intradermal and intranasal flu injections to adults, children and babies

Basic Life Support Training

We provide practical basic life support training at the workshop. You will learn how to give CPR to an adult a child and a baby. Other imprtant aspects of basic life support are covered in the online learning materials, including how to use an AED device

Anaphylaxis Management & Adrenaline

You will lean how to recognise and deal with anaphylactic reactions. You will also learn how to use adrenaline in a patient suffering with an anaphylactic reaction. 

NHS Service Spec & PGD

We provide up to date information and advice on the NHS flu vaccine service specification and patient group direction (PGD). We also provide information and advice on the use of private PGDs

Standard Operating Procedures & information

We provide SOPs and information which you can use to immediately deliver an excellent service to your patients. Our course was designed by a clinical community pharmacist / independent prescriber, who runs a range of NHS and private services from his own pharmacy in Oakham. During our training he shares his experiences and provides useful hints and tips which have been beneficial for less experienced pharmacists. 

We provide FJT workshops at the locations below


City Centre






City Centre


City Centre

The Pharmacy Show

NEC Birmingham

Comprehensive Vaccination Training 
you can Trust

A concept in the making as far back as 1999, the Rx Advisor pharmacist team continues to be a trusted training provider in the healthcare and pharmacy sector.  

We provide up to date training specially for pharmacists and also for healthcare professionals on administering flu vaccines to their patients. 

Our course is comprehensive and includes practical training on intramuscular (IM), subcutaneous (SC) and intradermal (ID) injection techniques. We also cover the use of intranasal flu vaccines and in addition we provide practical training on basic life support and CPR for babies, children and adults, together with training and advice on the use of adrenaline for anaphylactic reactions. 

We comprehensively cover the NHS flu patient group direction (PGD) and service specification, so that delegates will have all of the required information to deliver a safe and efficient service. 

Our course is designed by Mohammed Ibrahim, who is a registered and practicing clinical pharmacist independent prescriber in community pharmacy and in GP practice. Mohammed has over 20 years experience in the pharmacy profession and is a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. He is also a qualified traner, assessor and internal quality assurer and is employed as a Specialist Advisor to the Care Quality Commission as well as a Mentor for the GP practice pharmacist training programme by the University of Manchester. 

We always receive excellent feedback

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